Monday, 17 November 2014

5 Best Martial Arts Self Defense Weapons to Follow

This is true, self defense begins with the “SELF” word which means it is you who has to be aware and cautious about the environment you are living in. The self Protection topic is the major concern these days no matter if you are a girl or a boy. Nowadays, with the increase in crime rate, every person should be at least aware of the basic understanding of self defense measures so as to keep yourself safe apart from having a self defense weapons (by this I mean we should at least know some of the steps so that you could save yourself even if you are not carrying a weapon).

It has become very difficult for women to step out of their home alone because the research says that every 1 out of 5 are being attacked when they are alone. In fact, it is not about only women even males are not safe too. By self protection, it means defense against rape, robbery, stealing, and snatching or anything similar to this.

The following are the best self defense weapons for women and men which can help you to overcome the situation: -

     1.  Cell Phone Stun Gun: - Although it looks very decent one just like other cell phones, but in actuality it is a mini devil which will give a shock to your attacker. This is  basically a 1,000,000 Volt ZAP Stun Gun, compact and easy to carry.

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Evolution of Fixed Blade Knives

Knives are such an amazing sharpening cutting tool which is being used since ages. They were discovered somewhat around two billion years ago in the form of a simple cutting piece which was later modified into various shapes and sizes (including handle). The modern knives are constructed in two styles that are fixed blade knives and folding blade knives. These knives gave a great contribution in the fields of technology, military, culture, science and many more.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Detailed Anatomy of Bowie Knives

Bowie knives are always appreciated by hunters, knife collectors and outdoorsmen because they are tough and reliable. Designed by the great James Bowie, this knife has a very simple architecture of a fixed blade. The pattern of this knife is still popular and many of the manufacturing companies are making custom made bowie knives with different kinds of variations.

The simple bowie knife consists of the following parts: - guard, handle, tip, forefinger ring (nor present in all bowie), blade (made up of either steel or carbon), edge.

The handmade bowie knives are made using all traditional methods which were followed in earlier times especially for knife collectors. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Guide to Choose Best Rescue Knives

Rescue knives or emergency knives (both same) are the knives which are made in such a manner so that they can protect you from the dangerous situation. These knives are well prepared so that you can easily open them at the right time when needed. This is the reason why they are known as the emergency knife.

Gold Rush Rescue Knife when closed
Gold Rush Rescue Knife when opened 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Are Neck Knives Good for Self Defense?

The custom neck knives are a good tool to carry if you are out for some adventure or at home. These tactical neck knives are fit as hunting knives as well as survival knife. These knives are mostly tied around the neck with something like a chord which makes them easily available at the time of hunting, fishing, camping or mountaineering.

Although neck knives are cool to have from every perspective but still they are not a good option for self defense function. I believe not only neck knives but all other knives are not a good choice as self defense weapons unless you have had extensive training with one. It is better to use a pepper spray instead of carrying a knife.

Advantages of Neck Knives

     ·   Compact hence easy to carry.
     ·   Light enough so that it is easy to wrap around the neck comfortably.
     ·    Despite of its small size, it is a powerful tool for cutting or stabbing.
     ·    Small in size.

With these benefits, you can buy neck knives for sale available at good online stores.

Disadvantages of Neck Knives

     ·    Not a good option of self defense.
     ·    No option left of keeping in pants or belts, so it is restricted to only hanging around your neck.
     ·    It will become a centre of attraction because then everybody will know and it will be like              “HEY LOOK AT ME!!! I HAVE A KNIFE AROUND MY NECK!!!!”
     ·    Or you might draw the blade in quite dangerous body area, making it sort of risky in defense situation.

Despite of its advantages/disadvantages, neck knives will make a great gift for the outdoorsman who’s always on the go. Buying knives online is a good option as you are able to research the reputability and compare the pricing of variety of items. The best place to buy neck knives online may be from cold steel or even from Atlanta Cutlery. They both are the best and trustworthy sellers of all sorts of knives.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

6 Reasons: Why You Should Carry a Pocket Knife

For a knife lover, there is always a common question that which knife you carry today. This question can be found on forums or from the persons who are fond of exploring about the knife section. So basically a pocket knife is a cutting tool which can be mostly seen in the hands of either a man or a boy. Due to its popularity pocket knives for sale are available on the stores to serve you in its best possible way. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

5 Best Assisted Opening Knives

It is now a contradictory question on spring assisted opening knives because most of the people do not prefer to have them. There are many reasons for it and one of them is that they are not safe to use. Since the knife opens with a jerk so many people have experienced wounds mostly when carrying (for example in pants).

Friday, 11 July 2014

5 Factors for Choosing Best Bowie Knives

The most famous knife from the 19th century is the Bowie Knife. Whether you are a martial arts expert or simply a knife lover, surely you will love this memorial piece. Handmade Bowie knives and custom made Bowie knives are quite popular for hunting purposes. What are the important factors for choosing best Bowie knife- Find out Now below!!!

 The following factors play an important role in making a Bowie knife the best: -

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Advantages/Disadvantages of Assisted Opening Knives

As the name “assisted” suggests a good helper, similarly the assisted opening tactical knives are specially designed to serve as a helping tool. Such tools use internal mechanism while opening like when the user partially opens the blade of the knife then automatically it gets fully opened with a strike.

Assisted opening knives are good to have because they are easy to open hence providing quick service than any other knife in terms of opening. Along with this when you get an extra feature as folding then I am sure you just can’t deny it to own.

      ·         Opening/Closing Speed: - Because such knives can be open much faster than other mutual blade knives. So the opening and closing speed of such knives is good.

      ·         Easy to carry: - They are one kind of folding knives hence they are easy to carry in pockets provided taking some handling precautions.

Most assisted openers use flippers as their opening mechanism. Assisted opening knives can be as fast as or faster than automatic knives to deploy.

      ·         Illegal: - This term is not applicable to all countries like US, UK, AUS but still few have issues with carrying them so restricted.

      ·         Easily break: - Since the blade opens with a strike so there is a chance of easy breaking of blade so we can say they are sensitive.

      ·         More Cautious: - You have to be more cautious while carrying them in your pockets because poor handling may cause punctured clothes or skin thereby leading to bleeds and leaks.

      ·         No control: - Sometimes it is good to have manual folders because then you can have control in their opening and closing speed. Opening a knife with loud snap is scary at times.

Some people often gets confused in between spring assisted pocket knives and switchblades but the point is assisted knives are perfectly legal and switchblades are prohibited. Even though assisted knives are illegal but still you cannot carry them into those areas where knives usage is prohibited like courthouses, federal buildings, schools and airports.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Personalized Protection: Self Defense Weapons

With the violence on the rise personalized protection is the major concern in between the women and children and it is our duty how we make ourselves secured. Nowadays you can buy knives online or buy self defense weapons for women like pocket knives, self defense spray (pepper spray, red pepper spray etc). Now these are just weapons but if you know taekwondo or any other similar activity then it can be beneficial to you in your worst situation.

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Survival Tool-Perfect Pocket Knives

The famous “personalized pocket knives” were made by Romans in the 1st century and therefore made easy for both the explorers and the militia to have such a flexible weapon in their pocket but however sheathed knives started gaining more recognition. But again in 16th century pocket knives once more regained attention. Every person from simple farmer to soldiers to a commoner, everybody had this ultimate handy tool in their inventory.

However at the present time, having pocket knives started disappearing due to more security in edifice and airports. But these slight problems are negligible in front of such a knife who is giving you so many benefits.  You can discover all varieties of pocket knives for sale from best sellers to fill your inventory.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Folding Knife vs Fixed Blade Knife: Which is good to use??

This is a common question of interest amongst all the knife lovers that which knife is best to choose between a folding knife and fixed blade knife????? But both the folding knives and fixed blade knives have equal weaknesses and capabilities. So it is you who can decide or choose which knife you want, according to the need.

Both the knives come with variety of choices and are quite popular. Their diversity of application and ease of use make them a smart choice for beginners.

Some of the drawbacks and advantages of both the knives I would like to share with you so that you can take the reference of these points while purchasing anyone from them.

Folding knife or Pocket knife:

This folding blade comes with folding as well as locking feature. You can fold the knife when it is not in use so it is safe to carry in any situation. The typical length is about 5 to 15 centimeters.

·         Compact as they can be folded hence easy to handle.
·         They are easy to transport than the fixed blades.
·         These knives are good for everyday use: opening an envelope, slicing fruit/vegetable, or for self defense purpose.
·         There is a limit on the length of the blade. Longer the blade, longer will be its handle.
·         They are bit hard to clean.
·         Not strong as fixed blades.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bowie Knives: World of Survival Knives

Bowie knives, also known as Arkansas toothpick, were the most famous fighting weapons in the early 19Th century. This fixed blade knife was first popularized  by James Bowie and was initially crafted in the year 1827 .These knives were longer than 6 inches along with a sharp long blade. In America you can still find them with array of designs.

Historian says that they should be long enough to use as a sword and heavy enough to use as a hatchet. Bowie knives look was in between a dagger and a saber. That is they should be longer and heavier than a dagger but shorter than a saber.

Today, handmade bowie knives are quite popular in the E-Commerce market with good manufacturing material. Some of the good variety and quality of bowie knives for sale can be found around the globe at different stores.
Mostly custom made bowie knives were made of carbon steel so that the knife remains pointed for long time and easy to handle. But due to advancement in stainless steel, a lot of durable knives can be found made using it.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Get Smart: Tips for Choosing Quality Knives Online

Not all knives are equal – often a designer brand is found selling poor quality knives at a high rate, which always lead to dissatisfaction but it is possible to find improved quality set with cheaper rates may be from some fewer known brand.  

Customers often complain about rust spots on knives, reduced sharpness, poor manufacturing material, broken pieces and the list is endless. So here on this page I will share some of the secret tips that should be always remembered while paying from your pocket.

Smart Tips:-

1.      Manufacturing material: The manufacturing properties of a knife decide its long lasting life. They should be made of stainless steel with good wear resistance.

2.      Strength: The quality of knife depends on the rust free blade, pointed edge, easy to handle with good toughness and durability.

3.      Appropriate size blade: Choose the shape and size of the knife properly according to your need. Just like nobody is perfect in this world, similarly it goes for knives too! A large blade might not always give better option to use as it may not handle intricate tasks likewise a small blade may not be able to negotiate other complex jobs.