Monday, 28 April 2014

The Survival Tool-Perfect Pocket Knives

The famous “personalized pocket knives” were made by Romans in the 1st century and therefore made easy for both the explorers and the militia to have such a flexible weapon in their pocket but however sheathed knives started gaining more recognition. But again in 16th century pocket knives once more regained attention. Every person from simple farmer to soldiers to a commoner, everybody had this ultimate handy tool in their inventory.

However at the present time, having pocket knives started disappearing due to more security in edifice and airports. But these slight problems are negligible in front of such a knife who is giving you so many benefits.  You can discover all varieties of pocket knives for sale from best sellers to fill your inventory.

What is a Pocket Knife?

Pocket knives, famous for feature like folding comes with one or more blades which is 5 to 15 centimeters long although perfectly fitting in your pocket. They first appeared at the time of early Iron Age. Most pocket knives for light job doesn’t have a locking system once opened however now every person prefer to have a knife with ideal locking system along with array of different category of  knives like spring assisted pocket knives and miniature pocket knives.

Locking Mechanism- Types

   1.      Slip joint: - It is one the most omnipresent type of pocket knives. This type of the opened blade does not actually fasten in a solid position but is held in place by a spring device that allows the blade to fold when a definite amount of force is applied.

   2.      Lock back: - Locking folders provides assurance of a fixed-blade while opening, hence permitting an individual to fold the blade for safety and carrying purpose. A “Lockback” gets its name from a rocking lock plate and therefore making it visible on the back of the handle. Lockbacks require two- hand closing, though some are one-hand openers.

3.      Liner Lock: - It is one the most common type of knives used today and also known as “tactical knives”. It allows one to release the lock with only one hand and hence more portable. To unlock, just press the liner to the side of the knife from where it is attached to the inside of the scales.

4.      Frame lock: - Similar to liner lock. Pushing it to the left converts it from its "locked" position to the unlock mode so you can close the blade. And as soon as again when the blade opens, the frame locks moves into locking mode against the blade.

Reasons why you should have Pocket Knives

Here are some of the benefits to have a pocket knife in your stock.

1.      Personal Protection: - Self protection is the most vital thing when it comes to the critical situation. Pocket knives are easy to carry since they can be fitted in to the pockets and making available to us every time.

2.      Letter Opener: - Although you can open it from your finger but using this knife is more appealing.

3.      Daily Activities: - Daily work activities like opening a box, cutting ropes, tags, string, cutting or peeling vegetables and fruits.

4.      Weapon: - Not the most effective, but it’s better than nothing. As discussed in the point of personal protection, pocket knives can be used as a survival weapon. 

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