Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bowie Knives: World of Survival Knives

Bowie knives, also known as Arkansas toothpick, were the most famous fighting weapons in the early 19Th century. This fixed blade knife was first popularized  by James Bowie and was initially crafted in the year 1827 .These knives were longer than 6 inches along with a sharp long blade. In America you can still find them with array of designs.

Historian says that they should be long enough to use as a sword and heavy enough to use as a hatchet. Bowie knives look was in between a dagger and a saber. That is they should be longer and heavier than a dagger but shorter than a saber.

Today, handmade bowie knives are quite popular in the E-Commerce market with good manufacturing material. Some of the good variety and quality of bowie knives for sale can be found around the globe at different stores.
Mostly custom made bowie knives were made of carbon steel so that the knife remains pointed for long time and easy to handle. But due to advancement in stainless steel, a lot of durable knives can be found made using it.

Uses of bowie knives:-
Bowie knives can either be used as weapon or as a tool. Here are some of the uses of it:-
1.      Survival knife: - Bowie knife broadens the chances of food and shelter in a survival situation because you can hunt with them. These are widely used in camping, hiking or for self protection.

2.       Short sword: - Since the length of the blade is long, so we can use it as a short sword for different purposes. It may be for defeating any foe or in hunting.

3.      Cooking: -It can also be used as kitchen accessory, for chopping or in other ways.

4.      Hunting: - We can use bowie knives for hunting. It is a favorite tool of hunters for cleaning and skinning. The comfortable grip makes it easy to handle when needing in critical situations.

Truly said that Bowie Knives have an implicit classiness that attracts every knife lovers to them!!!!!!
Bowie knives still exists today and are used by many people for different purposes. You can buy knives online from different stores to enjoy historical artifacts.

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