Friday, 30 May 2014

Personalized Protection: Self Defense Weapons

With the violence on the rise personalized protection is the major concern in between the women and children and it is our duty how we make ourselves secured. Nowadays you can buy knives online or buy self defense weapons for women like pocket knives, self defense spray (pepper spray, red pepper spray etc). Now these are just weapons but if you know taekwondo or any other similar activity then it can be beneficial to you in your worst situation.

What type of self defense weapon should I carry?

Carrying a particular type of self defense weapon depends on the situation. This is because suppose you are carrying a knife but you don’t know how to open it instantly on the right situation will not be worthy so it will be better if you carry a spray because that is the easiest thing to do. Also women have this idea that if they buy self spray or any other self defense weapons for sale, they are automatically safe.  So the important point is that weapon does nothing for you if it is not in your hand and ready to use.

Types of Self Defense anyone can learn: Important

    1. While walking on the roads try to keeps your head up as this indicates that your awareness of  your surroundings and confident posture.
    2.  Do not use headphones especially when you are out. This has lead to much accident also because    people are using headphones while riding vehicles and then its consequences are worst to even        think about.

    3.  Do not lock your car until you feel safe around your surroundings.

    4. Carry the important weapons like any pointed knife or spray. Actually it can be anything which you feel better to carry and open immediately in the worst situation.

    5. If you feel any unwanted activity then never think afraid of screaming as that can help you a lot  and let other people know that you are in trouble.

Every woman should know the above points as according to the research every 1 out of 5 women are being attacked when they are alone. With the increased crime rate against women and children it become really important to know about techniques to overcomes such crimes and get aware So with self defense women replace fear with skills, knowledge, training and confidence. 

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