Friday, 11 July 2014

5 Factors for Choosing Best Bowie Knives

The most famous knife from the 19th century is the Bowie Knife. Whether you are a martial arts expert or simply a knife lover, surely you will love this memorial piece. Handmade Bowie knives and custom made Bowie knives are quite popular for hunting purposes. What are the important factors for choosing best Bowie knife- Find out Now below!!!

 The following factors play an important role in making a Bowie knife the best: -

Blade: - The blade must be razor-sharp that is they should not be dull because that will not be a good tool to handle as it will not help in survival situation. Carbon and stainless steel blades are good for Bowie knives.

Length: - The perfect length of Bowie should be 6 inches long. I know the length is too long but they are powerful. However, longer knives make it harder for detailed work. Because longer knives are heavy and generally we cannot carry such knives until and unless we are trap into some complex situation.

Tang: - Since Bowie knives are heavy so it is necessary to do full tang to the knife else the knife would snap after half use. Non full tang Bowie knives can be used as display knife or as a wall hanger; they cannot be used for cutting purposes.

Weight: - The weight of Bowie is heavy hence we can say that it is ideal for camping purposes where you can wood etc.

Sheath: - The sheath is very important for the knife. It can be made up of either leather or synthetic.

So which Bowie knife are you planning to buy? If you want to buy a knife for hunting or camping reasons then I will recommend Ames and Colt Star bowie knives for sale . These days’ Bowie knives are available with big sheath and clip stage. 

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