Monday, 27 October 2014

The Evolution of Fixed Blade Knives

Knives are such an amazing sharpening cutting tool which is being used since ages. They were discovered somewhat around two billion years ago in the form of a simple cutting piece which was later modified into various shapes and sizes (including handle). The modern knives are constructed in two styles that are fixed blade knives and folding blade knives. These knives gave a great contribution in the fields of technology, military, culture, science and many more.

The fixed blade knives come either with handles or without it, they can be as sharp as a life taking deadly weapon to a non sharpen knife just like a butter knife that we use in our kitchens.The evolution of these knives not only changed the sizes, but also gave a contribution in quality of blades as well like copper, bronze, steel, ceramics and titanium.

Although nowadays you will find a variety of folding as well as fixed blade knives which are used in daily activities, but initially only fixed blade knives were there and later due to advancement in technology folding blades were made. Besides these two knives, multi-tool, assisted opening knives, etc. were later modified by adding different features into it. The fixed blade knives had a very simple structure consisting of a single blade and a handle. There was no folding  mechanism associated with it. Therefore, these knives are the strongest and long-lasting one than any other knife. They come under the well known EDC (every day carry) knives which help in sorting out activities ranging from complex to easy one.

One of my favorites is a bowie knife, as it is one of the most durable one. It has a blade and a handle, with these two things it makes a complete package for hunting, short sword and survival knife.
The manufacturing type of the blade decides the durability and strength of fixed blade as well as any other blade of the knives. Mostly stainless steel and carbon steel blades are used and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The carbon steel blade is an alloy of carbon and iron which is very sharp, but these are more likely easily gets attacked to rust and stains. The stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, which may not be as sharp as carbon steel blades but they all are rust resistant.  The knife blades have different shapes like planar concave shape, wedge shape and chisel shaped.

No matter which knife you are choosing, it deals with certain knife laws which differ country wise. You are harshly penalized when misbehaving or breaking the rules. The rule of carrying depends from the blade length to a particular kind of knife. For example, in some parts you can carry pocket folding knives whereas fixed blade in others or in some parts using of neck knives are banned while in other parts it is ok to carry. So you have to follow these rules strictly.

Despite fixed blade knives are simple in look, but they serve many advantages, including all outdoor activities as well as indoor activities too. They are used in camping, hunting, tactical, survival, military, law enforcement, self defense, kitchen utility tool and much more. Although fixed blade knives are uncomplicated in features still every knife lover has this tool at least one. Even non knife lovers use it indirectly as kitchen knives. But in the past few years the growth and the demand of knives have increased so choosing an appropriate one out of the crowd is a bit tedious task. With the so many online websites as well as physical stores, which are selling knives, it becomes important to buy quality knives online or offline from the stores. 

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