Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Best Knife Fighting Books for Training

We all not experts in protecting self during odd situations,neither we are Bruce Lee,who can fight with dozens of enemies at a time. That’s why we need to update ourselves in any bad situations. Like if you are going for tracking and you lost from the group then you must know how to use rescue knives in that situation.

What are the ways from where we can learn more about knives, fighting techniques and how to use a knife.
Knife Fighting books- We can learn many techniques from Knives book. Like one which I know is a Throwing knife book by Blackie Collins, it covers subjects like how to select a knife and how to make target for survival purpose.

Another one is Knife & Tomahawks are thrown by Harry K. McEvoy, this book covers basic tomahawks fighting  techniques, target building, developing bulls eye perception.

You can also get knowledge from Make the knife you carry booklet, you can learn how to make knives by using tools, how to design a handle of the knife, how to set up your workshop. In this you will find some quick ideas for developing your own knife for everyday carry.

Learning from DVD’s

You can also learn by watching Dvd’s on knife fighting techniques. Cold steel presents “ The Tomahawk DVD”. Subjects included on DVD.

Advantages of the Tomahawk as a weapon, Customizing your Tomahawk,  Specialized training; Tomahawks and safety issues,  Gripping methods, Fighting stances and postures, Chopping, cutting, slashing, and hacking, Stabbing, slapping, hammering, gouging, and sawing , Pushing, pulling, and hooking with your Tomahawk,  Avoiding blows, stop hitting, counter slashing, blocking, parrying, and using the empty hand , Disarm defenses,  Stopping the charge, Strength and agility drills, Distance judging drills , Identifying an enemy's weakness,  Creating and exploiting openings or opportunities, Fight strategy , Sparring drills, and actual sparring, Opposing other weapons. I would also like to suggest for Cold Steel throwing knives which are of high quality.

Another amazing DVD launched by cold steel is “ The warriors edge DVD”. It includes six volumes which covers how we can use knife our self defense purpose.Volume 1 includes Introduction to long range fighting, Volume 2 includes Footwork during fighting, Volume 3 includes thrusts & slashes, Volume 4 is about self defense and Volume 5 , 6 contains offense, training drills and sparring.

There are many more books and DVD’s from where we can protect ourselves during trouble. Like we can use folding training knife for training purpose.These knife fighting books and DVD’s are great  for anyone who want to be safe in today’s time.

Well, thanks for reading my post on Best knife fighting books for training. See you soon again and for any queries you can comment below.

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