Thursday, 9 April 2015

Best Knives You Love To Collect

Best Knives doesn't mean that knives which looks amazingly great design. My definition of a good knife contains both the design and the high quality of its blade. We are not a Rambo or a hero that is at war with its enemies and can even survive without knives in critical situations, we are a normal untrained human who goes on campaign with the group, tracking on mountains. These are some situations where we required knives.

Best Knives around the world:

Bowie Knives- These knives are very much popular around the world because of its high quality of the blade and its size. It is one of the best knives for sale around the world.Bowie knives are created by James bowie in 1939 and he used it in hand to hand fight in Mississippi.Bowie knives for sale is in demand and people are buying them online.

Throwing Knives- These knives are specially designed and weighted so that it can be thrown effectively.There is a distinct category in throwing knives like GI Tanto, Perfect balance thrower, Pro balance thrower, Sure balance thrower, True flight thrower.You can find these throwing knives for sale available online and anyone can buy knives more online.

Miniature Knives- These miniature knives are very simple and beautiful every day carry knives with a compact size of just over 2 1/4” . These knives can be easily carried with a necklace or with a key ring.Buy these miniature knives for sale online and gift it to your love ones.

Self defense knives- These knives are also called as combat knives and used for self defense purpose.These knives can also be used in the campaign and tracking where many times you need knives.I personally prefer every woman should carry these knives daily as a self defense weapon for women.

Neck Knives – These knives are very special it is a fixed blade knife which is carried as a pendant rig in which the knife is suspended from around  one’s neck.You can also get knives for sale,which are antique neck knives like a pirate pendant neck knife.

These are some of the best knives around the world which I want to collect. If you have some knives with are rare and you want to add in this list of best knives you love to carry then you are welcome.

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