Thursday, 19 February 2015

Best German Daggers Found on Online

A German Dagger is a weapon or fighting knife which is used for thrusting and stabbing. It has a very sharp tip specially designed for close confertration with the enemy during war.Many old religious cultures use daggers at the time of rituals and ceremonial purpose.
In today’s time, many military soldiers use these daggers as a safety knife at the time of war.There are different types of daggers present in the world and german daggers are one which are very much famous among their category.

Now, lets know about german daggers and different types daggers for sale online:

Army Officer WWII Dagger- 

This WWII dagger is very much famous and used by army officers at the time of war. It is  a collectors treasure and wonderful for the historian as it is difficult to find original. It is made up of carbon steel.

British WWI Robbins of Dudley Push Dagger-  

During WWI Dudley fulfilled the need of soldiers by producing these daggers which are used for close confertration. They have made 10 different models. This dagger is designed for stabbing from behind.

FXG Push Blade- 

Made from Grivory, the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic and stronger than even the super tough Zytel  used in earlier models, they are UV and heat stabilized, making them impervious to the elements. Due to the design of the handle there is no problem of heat,sweating or moisture.

Italian Officer’s Dagger- 

This stunning dagger is used during WWII by Italian military officers. It is just like the original used in WWII. Perfect for the historians to store and cherished it for years.One of the amazing dagger made up of high carbon steel.It includes traditional metal scabbard.

Military Style Push Dagger- 

Made up of unique G10 material in a CIA  with  the handle of “T” shape and which is nearly undetectable during carry.The material which is used in it is really strong and super light.This is one of the fantasy daggers.

Safe Keeper III Push Dagger

This is a knife from safe keeper series of cold steel which is having cutting and pricing of potential of larger knives,but are small enough so they so that it can be easily attached to any tactical gear.We can find this dagger for sale.

Windlass Push Dagger

Popular from the Old West and bootleggers to WWI and into WWII. The genuine buffalo horn handle is full size and allows for a solid grip and feel. The 3/16" thick, high carbon steel blade is substantial and penetrates even thick targets.  This is available on dagger for sale online.

These are some of the terrific and incredible german daggers found online.For more information on daggers for sale  and fantasy daggers you can visit Atlanta Cutlery website.

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